APlus Six Pillars Mortgage Clients Retention

 Client retention isn't a race, and there isn't a finish line. Instead, build your client relationships on these six pillars to create a solid foundation for your growth.

 1. Offer More Than Mortgages

People want one-stop-shopping these days so that when someone needs other financial services besides a mortgage, APlus Group has more resources available for them. Just a few additional services can drastically increase your revenue.

2. Improve Your Value Proposition

People love discounts and incentives. APlus Preferred Partnership Program offers people a variety of discounts on products and services, such as lawyers, moving companies, furniture stores, restaurants, etc.

3. Client Relationship Management

A good CRM system helps brokers streamline processes, build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer services, and increase profitability. It gives you the ability to identify, track and offer more to the clients who are most likely to become your long-term sources of revenue

4. Incentives and Rewards

 Client incentives are perks given to the client by APlus Group to attract and retain clients to utilize our other services.

  1. Client Discount Card
  2. Mortgage Closing Incentives
  3. Income Tax Discount Voucher
  4. Kid Konnection RESP Program
  5. Annual Family Fun Day

5. Client Acquisition Vs. Client Retention

The most common pitfall for mortgage brokers is that they think that if they have a great rate and service, then client retention will follow naturally.  And, while this might be the case in some instances, the harsh truth is that it’s only a short-term strategy. An even harsher truth is that, sooner or later, your clients may just…leave!

6. Branding

Branding sets a wonderful foundation as you move forward with your business. It will set the tone for everything you do. With a strong strategy in place, you can refer back to it and make sure that your products and services are in line with APlus Group mission and goals. If your brand clearly represents your business, you’ll be more likely to attract the right people..

For people who work in sales, the number one priority is to
find new ways to increase revenue!

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