The APlus Residual Model

 Commonly utilized in the insurance, investment & health insurance industry, residual income is earned when someone does the work once and is paid over and over again for that work. APlus Mortgage Group introduced the concept of single-level residual income to the mortgage brokerage industry, now everyone in the Company can receive a “piece of the action" for helping to build APlus Mortgage Group through a process known as sponsoring.

5% Recruiting Residual Income

Whenever a new mortgage broker is introduced to management and recruited into APlus Mortgage Group, finder's fees are generated from mortgages closed by the new recruit.  These bonuses are payable to the individual who sponsored them into the company, which is equivalent to five percent of the Net Finder’s Fee earned by the recruit; to a maximum of $25,000 annually per recruit.

This bonus is paid by APlus Mortgage’s head office and it in no way affects the finder’s fee due and payable to the new recruit. This bonus simply continues perpetually for as long as the new recruit stays in the APlus Mortgage Group system and generates sales.

These residuals can add up handsomely.  For instance, an agent earning $70,000 gross per year stimulates $3,500 in bonuses to the sponsor as transactions close.  If that same recruit stayed for ten years, the sponsor would have received $35,000 “thank you” for introducing that agent to the company.  If three people were sponsored in, for example, doing this same level of production, then $105,000 would have been received in bonuses.

4% Retirement Residual Income

At APlus Mortgage Group, should you decide to retire from active selling, you will continue for ten years to receive residuals at the rate of four percent of the net, paid out to you by the corporation for as long as those you sponsored into the company continue to make sales. 

3% Beneficiary Residual Income

This also translated into a three percent beneficiary program to give added security to the families of APlus Mortgage Group.  Very simply, good for the salesperson, good for their family.

Advantages of establishing residual income streams are:

  1. Extra income
  2. Extra income in retirement or disability
  3. Income or lump sum for your spouse/partner upon death

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